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Empira is collaborative of aging service providers in Minnesota composed of four member organizations: Elim Care, Presbyterian Homes and Services, St Therese and Volunteers of America who are committed to inspiring, challenging and strengthening aging services. The members of Empira work in partnership to innovate, explore, diffuse and optimize applied research that produces clinical excellence and quality of life improvement for older adults.


Empira provides education and consultation services based on findings from practical application of quality improvement programs that are developed using root cause analysis, evidenced base research and subject matter experts.

Empira has 3 signature programs funded by the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services. The programs include:

• Falls Prevention and Reduction
• Restorative Sleep
• Behavioral Expression Management

Customized education and consultation is also available per client request. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with your organization.

Our Team:

Sarah Brown, RN, LNHA, BS – Executive Director
Sue Ann Guildermann, MA, RN – Director of Education
Heather Johnson, RN – Clinical Educator and Program Specialist
Kelly Klund, LPN – Clinical Educator and Program Specialist

Contact Information:

135 Fern St North, Cambridge, MN 55040
Phone: 763-691-2243